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Burning eyes

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Smoke or lack of sleep can cause burning eyes . These can be treated by : 1. Sleeping for a few hours. Even if your mind remains awake, closing your eyes for some time helps. 2. Using a lavender hydosol . The hydrosol should not contain essential oils, which can further irritate the eyes. 3....

Treating bug bites

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Bites from mosquitos, fleas and other insects usually cause itching . Scratching the itching area usually aggravates the problem and can cause scars. Some home remedies for this problem are: 1. Aloe vera for soothing the skin. If you grow aloe vera at home, you can use the juice from the leaf, else you can...

Treating insomnia using home remedies

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Lack of sleep can affect both the mental and physical health of a person and sleep pills some times have side effects.  However, many people have found   home remedies to be very effective for  treating insomnia, some of which are listed below: 1. Have a cup of hot tea, or hot chocolate, or warm...

Home remedies for acidity

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An increase in the acid levels in the digestive system causes gastric reflux or acidity which can be painful and makes it difficult to sleep at night. Though some over the counter medicines are available, they may not be effective every time. Some home remedies for treatment of acidity are: 1. Eat plenty of fresh...

How to get rid of dark circles

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Though dark circles may be due to hereditary reasons, lack of sleep can also cause dark circles. It can also be due to poor blood circulation. Some home remedies for treating dark circles are : 1. Place cucumber slices over the dark circles for 10-15 minutes regularly 2. Cotton pad soaked in milk and placed...

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