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Fairskinned women are aware of their power on powerful men, who believe in all their lies

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One of the greatest problems living in India is that the indian government blindly believes in the complete lies of powerful ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies, when these men allow their infatuation and affairs with good looking women affect their complete lies The fair skinned good looking women like the gujju school dropout cbi employee…

Yoga for fitness

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Yoga is considered a form of complementary or alternative medicine which has been practiced in India for nearly 6000 years. Today, different forms of Yoga are practiced all over the world.Yoga for health combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation connecting the body and mind. It is used both for improving fitness, relaxation and stress…

Natural acne treatment

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Acne problems are common in teenagers and persist in adults with oily skin. Acnexus is a natural acne scrub which can be used by both teenagers and adults to heal and prevent acne breakouts, eliminate oily and itchy skin and get rid of blackheads. After using this acne scrub, results are visible in less than…

Home remedies for stomach ulcers

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Stomach ulcers can be painful, making it difficult to eat any food.  Some home remedies for these ulcers are: Sprinkle a small amount of red pepper (cayenne) on the food Aloe vera juice Drink plenty of fresh water at regular intervals throughout the day Drink Cabbage juice Drink Milk regularly

Home remedies for common flu

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Some home remedies for common flu are: 1. Steam inhalation – heat water in a container and inhale the steam or get steamed rice and inhale the aroma. 2. Drink hot chicken, tomato or vegetable soup, it will help soothe a sore throat. 3. Eat citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit containing vitamin C, which improve…

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