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Phentermine for weight loss

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Phentermine is one of the widely used diet pills, which suppresses hunger and helps the user lose weight. It  was approved by FDA in 1959 and can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. The user should combine this diet pill with suitable exercises and diet for best results. Like some other diet pills, phentermine…

Home remedies for acidity

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An increase in the acid levels in the digestive system causes gastric reflux or acidity which can be painful and makes it difficult to sleep at night. Though some over the counter medicines are available, they may not be effective every time. Some home remedies for treatment of acidity are: 1. Eat plenty of fresh…

Home remedies for oily skin

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For persons with oily skin, the sebaceous glands in the skin are very active, producing oil which imparts a sheen to the skin. This surface grease on the skin attracts a lot of dirt which makes the skin look dark and also causes acne . Oily skin is common in teenagers, and the amount of…

Curing ulcers

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Medications are a temporary cure for ulcers, an effective cure involves treating the cause of the ulcer and includes: 1. Reducing stress levels, by eliminating and avoiding the causes of stress like increased work load, find ways to release the stress 2. Having adequate sleep, as the body repairs itself while a person is asleep….


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Though there are products advertised extensively by cosmetic companies, cheaper alternatives exist which use ingredients which are easily available at homes. This blog has information on free cures, home remedies, and foods to avoid to treat common ailments and problems.  Some of these treatments may not give immediate results, but they are more effective in…


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