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Yoga for fitness

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Yoga is considered a form of complementary or alternative medicine which has been practiced in India for nearly 6000 years. Today, different forms of Yoga are practiced all over the world.Yoga for health combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation connecting the body and mind. It is used both for improving fitness, relaxation and stress…

Buying health and beauty products online

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If you are planning to purchase health and beauty products online, Shopwiki provides comprehensive information on the various health and beauty products, tips on selection of these products to suit your needs and links to online stores offering the best deals for these products. The cosmetics guide has provides a glimpse of the latest trends…

Natural acne treatment

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Acne problems are common in teenagers and persist in adults with oily skin. Acnexus is a natural acne scrub which can be used by both teenagers and adults to heal and prevent acne breakouts, eliminate oily and itchy skin and get rid of blackheads. After using this acne scrub, results are visible in less than…

Alternative medicine for anxiety

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Before allopathic medicines were used, in many communities around the word natural products like herbs, roots, flowers and fruits were used to treat many ailments. Many of these plants were grown in home gardens and these remedies were handed down from generation to generation. With increased urbanisation and nuclear families, most people are not aware…


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