Cosmetic/Makeup cases manufacturer

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professional factory in Zhejiang, China, doing exclusively in the design and manufacture.

We are specialized in this Makeup Case for 20 years and we have been cooperating with global branded customers, such as MONDA STUDIO, OPV, AVON, OLAY and L’OREAL.


Lighted Makeup Case (with Mirror)
Clear PVC Bag
Makeup Chair
Makeup Brush Holder Bag
Trolley Makeup Case
Mesh Bag
Cosmetic Case
Nail&Hair Beauty Bag
Nylon Trolley Makeup Case
Cosmetic Bag
Soft Sided Cosmetic Case
Toiletry Bag

Customized Products are also welcome.

Forrest Liu
Mobile +86 139 8931 5254
Ningbo Glary Case Co., Ltd.
G&L Industry Co.,LIMITED.
2/F Building 3, No. 88 Fengqi Rd.Yinzhou District.Ningbo City, Zhejiang,315100, China


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