Yoga for fitness

Yoga is considered a form of complementary or alternative medicine which has been practiced in India for nearly 6000 years. Today, different forms of Yoga are practiced all over the world.Yoga for health combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation connecting the body and mind. It is used both for improving fitness, relaxation and stress relief. The breathing techniques improve the lung capacity. Yoga helps in the treatment of health conditions which are directly related to the mental condition of individual like insomnia, depression and anxiety.

It is important to wear comfortable and suitable clothes while doing yoga. The range of Shakti Activewear yoga clothing includes tank tops,ballerina and fold over capris, leaf tops,butterfly tops, vest tops and shorts. Most clothing is available in at least two color and two different sizes.

The Yoga exercises should be carried out on a firm surface and Jade Yoga mats offers a variety of mats for conducting Yoga exercises. The Jade Greek, Ogee and wave mats are available in four colors - Purple, Olive Green, Orchid and Slate Blue. The fusion mats are thicker and provide a cushion. Since travel mats are only 1/8" thick,they are lighter and can be easily carried while traveling.

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