A Natural Treatment Plan for Pain

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I have been seeing a chiropractor in Philadelphia for nearly three months now, and I have never felt better. I had not planned on adding another member to my wellness team, but my doctor felt that it was better to try a chiropractor to see why I was having so much pain in my neck and shoulders. He did not want to prescribe pain pills to me because too many people become addicted to them. He also didn’t want to just mask whatever was wrong. He knew that if there was a problem, a chiropractor is trained to find out what it is.

That turned out to be true, because the chiropractor that I chose ended up diagnosing me correctly after a physical examination. She could feel that things were just not right when she touched my neck and shoulders, and the X-rays confirmed her thoughts on what was going on. I am a diabetic, and she thought that it might be the beginning of what is known as frozen shoulder. (more…)

Most goodlooking women do not have to work hard online

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A german poster on a website commented that a good looking woman is making money online, however in India it is unlikely because making money online has become extremely difficult in the last few years. A good looking woman with good writing skills, will easily make far more money as an employee in a large company, with a monthly salary and taking very little risk in India today. Alternately she can get married to a rich person who will take care of all her financial requirements or get a rich boyfriend or get a government job.

So though the top officials in India may falsely claim that their good looking friends are domain investors, Paypal account holders, to get these fraud friends government jobs with monthly salary, in reality if the facts and whois records of the websites are checked, it will be proved that no fair good looking woman in India is a major domain investor, it requires a lot of time and effort to make money online, investing money in domain names which almost no indian women are interested in.

Becoming A Private Investigator

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As an FBI agent, it is easy to make the transition to Private Investigator FBI.  As a private investigator, you will be doing the same things you did for the FBI. These duties consist of;
1.  Investigating the business, identity or character of a person. 2.  You will be looking for lost or stolen property. 3.  Investing fires or accidents. 4.  Securing evidence for court. 
You may also have to guard the safety of an informant. Informant expert testimony can mean whether the person on trial is guilty of innocent. A person who has been involved in criminal activity may decide to testify against others in the criminal organization. They will need to be guarded, so they do not change their testimony. 
To be a Private Investigator FBI, there are guidelines that you have to follow.  You have to; 1.  Be eighteen or older. 2.  Undergo a criminal history background through both the State in which you live Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
You also have to have one of the following;
1. Have compensated experience in investigative work.  2.  Have a law degree with two years of experience .3.  Have an associates degree in criminal law, police science and two and a half years of experience.
Your employer must certify the experience that you received while you worked for them. Once you have all of the above, you have to pass a two-hour test. The test is multiple choice and covers;
1.  Laws 2.  Regulations 3.  Terminology 4.  Civil and criminal liability 5.  Evidence handling 6.  Undercover investigations 7.  Surveillance
Once you have completed all of the above, you send in a licensing fee.  There are also costs associated with various things such as getting your fingerprints.   And then you can start guarding your informant expert testimony.
Should you want to carry a gun, there is more regulations and applications.

Chocolate website

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Chocolates are an ideal gift and snack for people of all ages. Information on different kinds of unique chocolates in the indian market available online. Those interested in having their chocolates listed on the website can send their details to

Skin, smell, genetics, identity theft online

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Google is the internet master poker player, ruthless in destroying the life of competitors, especially if they are not good looking bribing security officials to ridicule the person if she does not have a flawless complexion, oily skin, large pores, sweats a lot, has body odour, often subjecting them to identity theft frauds. Google will allegedly bribe powerful government officials to abuse their discretionary powers and falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy sex partners, relatives and friends have the impressive resume, investment of the google competitor, to ruin the reputation, finances, health of the google competitor. However lab diagnostics, genetic testing including bone ossification test will prove that the google, tata sponsored fraud intelligence employees are not as old as the google competitor, often twenty years younger.
Please note that to increase the profit of google, tata, the indian government, indian intelligence agencies are employing google,tata sponsored goan call girls for sex with top officials, well connected cheater housewives and other fraud women and then allegedly duping other countries that their call girl and other fraud employees, who have never invested any money online, own the domain names of a google competitor, to defame, cheat,torture and exploit the google competitor, a harmless single woman domain investor. Since the top CBI, NTRO officials are shameless frauds repeating their lies for more than 6 years, the real domain investor is forced to alert people about the fraud of senior indian government, google, tata employees

Aloe vera website and content deleted by NTRO officials

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In a clear indication of how ruthless google, tata, ntro officials are in causing losses to the domain investor whose resume, memory, correspondence they are stealing for google, tata sponsored goan call girl, cheater housewife and other fraud indian intelligence employees, ntro officials first forced a webhosting company papashosting,com to shut down and then deleted all the files of aloe vera website from the hard disk of a computer to cause losses, wasting her time and money in december 2016.
The ntro officials are getting a monthly salary and pension from the indian government, yet they extremely petty cruel cybercriminals, misusing the expensive equipment at their disposal to cause financial losses to harmless indian citizens, so that companies like google, tata can make more profit. These companies do not have the honesty to rent or lease or purchase the domain names, paying the market price, they are indulging in endless corporate espionage, cybercrimes, abusing their powers as indian government employees

Finding the right footwear

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The feet of every person is unique and most footwear designers are considering the standard foot size when they design the footwear like sandals, slippers and shoes. This creates problems for those whose feet are different from the standard norm, for example some individuals have feet which are broader than the average foot and this can make it difficult for them to find suitable footwear. Often they purchase footwear and are not able to wear the footwear they have purchased because their feet do not fit properly into the footwear. So they prefer to shop for footwear offline , where they can try the footwear in the retail store, before paying for it.

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